ob1WCatherine O’Brien thinks it’s fun to sort, pack, organize and think of new ways to use things. She thought everyone did. Friends and family had to point out to her that what comes second nature to her — being able to “see” the best arrangement for a room, having creative solutions for repurposing items and being able to effectively cut through clutter — isn’t always that easy for the rest of us.

Catherine has spent her entire career organizing people, projects and ideas, streamlining processes and eliminating waste in organizations. To her, organizing possessions is infinitely easier. In one rePURPOSE session she can set you on your way to untangle years of disorganization.

With everything in its place in her life, Catherine is able to spend her free time playing music with friends, traveling with her husband, and making the most of all Northern California has to offer.

Think of all the free time you’ll have to enjoy when she helps you get your space in order.