rePURPOSE space for your purpose and passions, not just your possessions



EVALUATE, ELIMINATE, and INTEGRATE your possessions for a more serene life.

Gain space to think, create, entertain.

Learn principles for evaluating and making choices.

Identify what you love and what you can lose.

Explore fresh ideas for displaying or storing what you keep.


Once your possessions have been evaluated, rePURPOSE is your link to organizations that can re-sell, repair, re-cycle, remove or re-gift them.

“Enter rePURPOSE. I now love this space! I can find what I need, have clear counters to work on and places to put things away. Best yet, most everything was done in a day.” —Rosemarie, Palo Alto


How rePURPOSE works

bookcasehomeWrePURPOSE will consult with you about what you want to accomplish and tell you how to prepare for a first visit – typically a two-hour initial evaluation. Then together we’ll access what further services you need.

rePURPOSE works for small projects (the desk) to large scale ones (the move to another location). rePURPOSE can be a jump start to get you there on your own or a long-term partner to keep you focused until you reach you goal.

The goal is fresh space to pursue your purpose, your passions and not just house your possessions.



Another Look is a rePURPOSE affiliate that offers the same what-to-toss, what-to-treasure services for your wardrobe as rePURPOSE does for your environment. Another Look extends the use of your clothing by exploring your style and helping you evaluate, eliminate and integrate. Go shopping in your closet! Enjoy your new wardrobe with clever combinations of and smart additions to your current clothes.

Now offering zero waste auditing